QUIKO produces and commercializes automation systems for gates and doors together with other systems of automation for varied types of use. The ample range of products includes automation for civil and industrial gates,  barrier gate, automatic barriers, systems for the management of parking lots, automatic rising bollards, access control systems, automatic doors and still more.

To automatize the home and to resolve every problem with simple practical gestures is the dream of everybody: today this dream becomes reality, thanks to a range of products thought by QUIKO to answer with efficiency and reliability to the life of every day.

Gates, doors, garage doors, windows, shutters, automatic movements: every thing is under control through the QUIKO systems, that simplify the life and create around the consumer an atmosphere of refined comfort.



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MOOVY series sliding gate operators of QUIKO are the perfect choice to automate any type of sliding gate; thanks to the wide range of available models indeed, customer can choose the most appropriate opener depending on the weight of the gate to be automated.


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QUIKO ERCOLE series sliding gate operators are the perfect choice to automate heavy duty industrial gates (max 3000kg). The frontal manual release lever allows the user to manually handle the gate in case of emergency, for example, during electrical blackouts.


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Quiko automations reach their maximum power within the TITANO series gearmotors. These mechanisms are exclusively made of highly resistant components and have been designed for the automation of very heavy sliding gates (up to 6000kg).



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NEO is the linear swing gate operator of QUIKO particularly intended for residential applications. Leaves up to 4m can be auto mated with ease with this slim motor.



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SPIDER Articulated Swing Gate Operator has been designed for gates with large pillars up to 3,5m long. Recommended for intensive use.


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Hydraulic swing gate openers designed for intensive use. The extreme power released by the motor will allow to automate even the heaviest swing gate.


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Irreversible operators for swing gates. Quick installation. Reliable. Noiseless. Maintenance free. Ultra-resistant steel and bronze mechanisms. Die-cast powder painted aluminium body. ROTELLO series electromechanical swing gate openers of QUIKO have been studied to satisfy a variety of utilizations.


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Discerning architects and builders insist that automatic gate mechanisms have to be invisible; this is especially important during the renovation of historical buildings. One of the best ways of maintaining the clean lines of a gate is to use QUIKO underground swing gate openers of the SUB range




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WINNY is the ready to install solution from QUIKO for automatic doors (max 160kg or 130+130kg); Each kit includes all components to let your door be in compliance with the European Safety Normatives.




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ICARUS series parking barriers of QUIKO are suitable for residential and intensive use. Different models are available in both fast and slow opening versions. The low voltage versions can work in case of electrical blackout for at least 8 complete cycles thanks to the optional backup batteries.



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TWINGO shutter motors can be installed on either swinging shutters, swinging windows or swinging garage doors. They have been designed to fulfil aesthetic and functionality.



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PUMA series tubular motors of QUIKO were designed to automate shutters and awnings weighing up to 200Kg. Thanks to the easy limit switch system.



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OPERA Roller shutter motor for spring balance roller shutters. Available with or without built in electronic brake. Secure your premises with ease with QUIKO.


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We are pleased to introduce complete range of QUIKO CENTURION automatic bollards. Their main purpose is to make urban areas liveable once again; they can be used to protect particularly vulnerable places (such as shops, houses, etc…) against robbery or theft or to elegantly and quickly take control of hotel car parks, entrances of ministries and so on