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QUIKO's Best Automatic Gate System

Quiko is a Wholesale producer of best automatic gate opener systems. Providing good and affordable automation of doors and gates. Moreover, we are doing best for other means of automation.
Well, this is not the end. Quiko has the wide range of products which includes:
  • Gate Automation Systems
  • Automatic Sliding Doors
  • Roadside Barriers
  • Automatic Swing Gate Openers
  • Access Control Systems
  • Automatic Bollards
  • Sensor Doors

SINCE 1968


Smart Home


QUIKOPK is providing Best smart home Pakistan services. Reliable Home Automation products in Pakistan. Currently doing many home automation projects in Pakistan. Awarded as one of the leading Home automation companies in Pakistan. Still waiting? With QUIKOPK Smart home devices in Pakistan, you can make your home to the next level of automation.

Gate Automation


QUIKOPK is providing Automatic Gate System products all over Pakistan. Automatic Sliding Gate opener will make your life easier with least efforts. Splendid sliding gate designs in Pakistan. QUIKOPK’s sliding gate price in Pakistan is not compatible with any company in Pakistan.

Road Barrier/Bollards


QUIKOPK is the leading Road Barriers Suppliers in Pakistan. offering several Road Barriers Types which are compelling also. QUIKOPK’s Traffic Barricades & Safety Barriers will help a lot in minimizing the Road Accidents and help in developing the road sense.


The ample range of product includes automation for civil and industrial gates, barrier gate, automatic barriers, system for the management of parking lots, automatic rising bollards, access control systems, automatic doors and still more.

Smart Home Automation Provider In Pakistan

Days are gone when Home Automation In Pakistan was a dream. Now make your life simple with our Smart Automation Solutions. Our services will automate your home in a smart manner. Home Automation helps you to take control of all electric devices. You can achieve this with a single click.
Control the applications like:
  • Lighting
  • Electrical outlets
  • Appliances
  • Heating systems
  • Cooling systems
QuikoPK Provides the following at their best:
  • Enhanced Comfort
  • Luxury solutions
  • Guaranteed energy saving solutions
  • Automate for a new lifestyle
Quiko’s smart automation helps a lot in making everyday tasks simpler. Automating homes saves your precious time. You will get a chance to increase your productivity. Control everything with a little effort of your fingers. Control audio and media devices with a single clip. Home Automation System saves your energy in a quite good manner.
Automation Systems are equipped with high sensors. These sensors detects every single movement. The main purpose of sensors is to save a a lot of energy. This will helps in reducing the amount of utility bills. Smart Automation is reliable and above all its safe. We ensure the immediate safety of your family members. Smart Home Automation system in Pakistan is working for their customers satisfaction level. QuikoPk is ensuring to provide smart automation equipment all over in Pakistan. All these are in very affordable prices. Choose us and leave rest to automate your homes for your easiness. Never compromise on the quality of intelligent home automation items.

Prevent Unauthorized Access

QUIKO’s road bollards automation systems are very secure product, designed to prevent un-authorized access. They are finest for their reliable operation, which makes them the best solution for managing traffic in flexible way and securing pedestrians.

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