Aluminum Gates and their Advantages

You have seen a lot of beautiful, solid and creatively designed aluminum gates around. Haven’t you? But do you know or have you ever asked yourself that why choose aluminum gates at all when you have steel, iron and wooden gates available as an option?

You’d be asking it only if you aren’t aware of the long list of Benefits of Aluminum Gates.

This article puts light on why aluminum is preferable and perfect for automatic gates and the number of Benefits of Aluminum Gates. Dive in.

Why aluminum gates are best for automatic gates?
Aluminum can be easily shaped, joined together, formed and cut; for that reason other than being used in gates/doors, it is also used in airplanes, ships, cars and many other applications.

Moreover Aluminum Gates and Doors are strong, weather resistant, free from rusting and can be easily bonded and welded that is why they are just perfect for automatic gates.

Long-lasting life than iron and wooden gates

The most useful and amazing property of aluminum is that it does not rust or rot like wood, iron and steel. How and Why? Here is the logical and scientific explanation

Aluminum VS Iron Gates

Aluminum VS Iron Gates

Aluminum VS Iron Gates

  1. Iron always rust when it comes in contact with water. When iron reacts in the presence of water and oxygen, hydrated iron (III) oxide is formed which causes iron to be eaten away.
  2. Gates of iron are also not a good idea as when it rains, the concentration of salts in rain act as catalyst which speeds up the corrosion process, making gate weak and rusty.
  3. On the other hand, when it comes to aluminum, it does not rust at all! As when aluminum comes in contact with water Aluminum Oxide Al2O3 is formed which acts as a protective layer and saves rest of the metal below from coming in contact with air and water.
  4. This is the major and most significant reason why Aluminum Gates and Doors are perfect for automatic gates as gates are durable, strong, free of corrosion and long lasting.

Aluminum VS Wooden Gates

Aluminum VS Wooden Gates

Aluminum VS Wooden Gates

  1. It’s simple! Even there is small damaged or unpolished area, wood gets eaten after some time and is not strong enough to stand changes of weather.
  2. Humidity in wood provides favorable conditions and habitat to carpenter ants, bark beetles, termites, powder post beetles and woodborers; slowly the wood becomes fragile and weak
  3. That is why wooden gates aren’t the option if a long lasting and strong gate is required. In contrast, we don’t have to take care of such annoying problems at all. Aluminum gates are free of such troubles.

Solid Strength

Do you know even having the same weight as of steel and wood, aluminum gates are stronger than them? They are more solid and strong and yet have lighter weight.

They don’t need locks and hinges that are necessary for heavier gates. They are so handy to deal with, especially when it comes to dealing with Aluminum Sliding Gates.  You know what that means? Right? Why choose wood and steel at all?

Safety with Aluminum Gates and Doors

As aluminum gates are lighter in weight, it gets easy to open and close them. Almost no physical and minimum mechanical effort is involved which makes them economical and safe both.

Best example of handy gates is Aluminum Sliding Gates, they just slide over smoothly and swiftly.

Almost no maintenance in all seasons/weathers

Aluminum gates require either a very low or no maintenance at all. They are strongly resistant to seasons and climate changes.

They are powerfully capable of bearing favorable and unfavorable conditions of weather.  Astonishing! Isn’t it?

With so many pluses and advantages available with aluminum gates, it does not make sense to prefer any other gate. Tell it yourself aren’t aluminum gates perfect for your home?