Automatic Gates Mechanical vs Hydraulic

While purchasing an automatic gate there is a common question that comes in everyone’s mind and that is which access control system should you buy. Two of the most common gate operators are mechanical automatic gates and hydraulic automatic gates.

To decide between the two, you need to understand the working of both systems and the requirements that they have for installation. Both products have their own advantages and disadvantages. There are several factors that decides what gate is going to work the best for you.

Mechanical Gate

Mechanical gate operators are also known as electromechanically gates. They work on a high voltage that is obtained from a power source that the gate operator is attached to. In addition, they can also be outfitted with solar panels or backup battery in case of power outage. Mechanical automatic gates are programmed to work with a wireless remote control, a keyboard or manually.


Mechanical Gate

Hydraulic Gates

Hydraulic gates work on electricity and they also require fluids for their movement. Hydraulic gates can also be controlled by a wireless remote control. Like mechanical automatic gates, these gates also require backup power system in case of power outage.


Hydraulic Gate

Which gate is better for you?

This is a question that needs attention. A few factors that are going to decide which gate is best for you are listed below

  • The size of your gate
  • Fixings of your gate
  • Environmental conditions
  • The level of external forces that it is going to endure

Now let us discuss few differences between the two gates that makes them unique

  • Quality:

Quality is a legit concern for all the people who are buying an automatic gate or thinking about buying one. Considering the quality of both mechanical and hydraulic automatic gates, it is safe to say that mechanical gates provides better product quality as compared to hydraulic gates. Hydraulic gates are prone to leakage due to high pressure from vehicular Collison.

  • Cost

Mechanical motors are more substantial as compared to hydraulic ones. Also in case of motor failure, hydraulic motors can be a lot expensive. In case of failure, hydraulic motors generally need to be replaced and are not repairable. On the other hand, mechanical motors are cheaper, they have spares that can be replaced quite easily.

  • Power

When it comes to power, hydraulic motors outrun mechanical motors. Hydraulic motors can work on heavier loads with ease. So, if you have a huge gate, then hydraulic gate motor would be ideal for you. They can be opened without utilizing full power.

  • Maintenance

Hydraulic gates need less maintenance. It has approximately 10 years of useful life with a very low maintenance. All you need to check is the fluid levels and make sure that the opener is operating properly.

The recommended maintenance for hydraulic motors include oil changing, check joints and seals every 250,000 cycles.

  • Environmental Safety

Despite being durable and powerful in heavy duty work, hydraulic systems are more prone to leakage of chemical fluids that are harmful for the environment. Mechanical systems on the other hand are very environment friendly.

Final Thoughts

Overall, we can say that hydraulic systems if fitted perfectly lasts longer than mechanical systems but they could be costly and would be damaging to the environment as well. Mechanical systems are very fitting for smaller gates, are cost efficient but they are not as powerful as the hydraulic gates. Mechanical gates are much quieter, pose no threat to environment and are easy to install and operate.

One gate can perform better than the other depending on the conditions in which the gate is being installed and used. If one type of automatic gate system works for me, it might not work for you. So, it is necessary to choose a system that would benefit you the most.