Benefits of Removable Bollards

A bollard is a vertical post that is short and sturdy. It is used to prevent traffic from entering an area. Different kinds of bollards are available in the market these days.

They could be:

  • Fixed
  • Rectangle
  • Automatic
  • Mining
  • Parking or Removable

Bollards could also be customized to suit the specific needs of the consumer.

Despite many different types of bollards being in the market, Removable bollards Brisbane is the most useful kind of them all. Removable bollards come in two varieties.

One is sub-surfaced mounted bollards, and the other is surface mounted bollards. Sub-surface mounted bollards have a ground or sleeve pocket whereas surface mounted bollards are set up on concrete surfaces.

One might ask a question that why removable bollards demanded the most? Here are a few reasons why they are widely being used for promotional purposes presently and what are the benefits of these bollards.

Can Be Switched Easily

One of the primary advantages of removable bollards is the easiness that comes with them. These bollards are incredibly painless to carry from one spot to another. This feature comes in handy for temporary occasions or in case of emergencies.

If there is an emergency, these bollards could be used to allow traffic in an area where traffic is prohibited otherwise. In this way, they can be used to create emergency entrances. Removable bollards are also useful for expanding places.

Though these bollards are removable, that does not mean that anyone can remove them. These bollards are designed in a way to prevent unauthorized removal or transfer.

They can only be accessed by authorized personnel using a particular type of key system which is built to be tamper proof.

Solution to Temporary Occasions or Emergencies

As their name indicates, they are removable and hence can be moved effortlessly. Fixed bollards lack this feature, and they could only be used in one place. That is why removable bollards are ideal for using in short-lived events.

They are easy to set up for any occasion, a rally, a parade to keep the people and traffic separate without having to spend a whole lot of money.

They could be placed anywhere in an area, so you can adjust their placement according to your specific event to create your layout of the space. These bollards can be removed easily once the game is over.

Cost Efficient

In addition to being easy to setup and detach, these bollards are cost efficient as well. When compared to permanent bollards, removable bollards costs significantly less. You can custom build bollards that may have slightly elevated prices when compared to standard ones.


When it comes to strength, the bollards that are made from steel are much more resilient in comparison with the bollards that are made from other materials.  Steel bollards used in parking area makes the whole place aesthetic and more treasured. Parking bollards are usually available in black and yellow color combinations. These bollards are quite long lasting with minimal hassles.


Steel bollards Brisbane are made from high-quality material and cannot be removed by any unauthorized person. This ensures security in the area.

With the use of these bollards, you can detain an area while giving it a modern and elegant feel. No matter what type of bollard you use, whether sub-surfaced or surfaced mounted, the only thing to consider is that the bollard comes from a high-quality manufacturer.

Removable bollards are modern, elegant, long-lasting and easy to use the product. These benefits along with many others are the reason for the popularity of this product these days.

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