Do Creepy Looking Bollards Make Our Road Any Safe ?

Have you noticed any creepy looking bollards while roaming in your vehicle? Yes, you have for sure. Ever wonder how these vertical barriers work other than being ugly? Well, you’re familiar with a common phrase:

“Never judge a book by its cover”

Don’t think that they are useless and impractical. No! They aren’t, despite of being hideous, these road safety bollards are installed on roads to control traffic, provide road safety and for their number of uses. Want to know what could they possibly be? Read the content below to know how these creepy looking bollards make our roads safer.

Road Safety Bollards as accident preventers?

Practically these weirdos aren’t weird at all. Bollards are required necessarily on roads as they minimize the risk of accidents in many scenarios. For instance, if a vehicle goes out of control because of slippery road occasioned by rainfall or snow as a protective shield these bollards prevent vehicle from falling down a cliff.

Traffic calmers

The most annoying and irritating thing that anyone experiences on road is either the traffic jam or vehicle crossing over in each other’s lane. Be honest, don’t you hate it from the bottom of your heart? It boils anger of every passenger and driver on road.
Bollards on road give huge advantage of soothing and maintaining the flow of traffic as they direct traffic to their designated lanes. When traffic flows smoothly, it minimizes the risk of traffic jams and leave no choice for vehicles to cross over each other’s lane.

Do you know much reliable these road safety bollards are?

Bollards are constructed and designed to be reliable enough to withstand higher effects and influences. They are that much strong and solid that they can stop heavy vehicles to roll over and endanger life of other drivers on road and pedestrians.

Life savior for drivers

If anyone asks you, what do you have if your life is taken away? What wealth? What family? What luxury? What treasure? Your answer will be nothing. Nothing at all obviously. Who doesn’t want a safety that is set just for protecting one’s life? Don’t think less of bollards as they are life saviors for drivers and passengers in countless scenarios.
Envision if a heavy vehicle like truck experience brake failure and roll down mercilessly like a ball on floor, and there is two way traffic on the road. Other drivers will not be ready for this emergency. Can you imagine how many lives will be on stake? In contrast, having bollards in this case will save these lives, by stopping the truck from rolling and taking other drivers’ lives.
This specifically makes it more important to install bollards on roads. Remember that:
Life is the most precious treasure and most prior thing! Value everything that saves it! 

There is no other goal for installing these unattractive bollards other than your own protection. If you have no road safety bollard around in your area, that means your roads are not safe enough and so are your properties. If you ever think of installing them, get automatic bollards from QUIKO, they are best in market with amazing and ingenious automation systems of road bollards. Will you now look at these road safety bollards with same perspective that you had before?

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