New Rolling Road Barriers Are Designed To Reduce The Impact Of Road Accidents

What is the forever aim of science and this cutting edge technology? Obviously to protect lives and make them easier physically and mentally. If it wasn’t about that, all these innovative inventions that we see today would have been as useless as wooden frying-pan.

You surely have witnessed a lot of dreadful accidents which most of the times cause death and terrible long-lasting impacts on survivors. With every passing day struggle is continuously being made to design products that can reduce the impact of road accidents to the minimal level.

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You’re very familiar with road safety bollards. Aren’t you? These are designed specifically to minimize the danger of road accidents and their impacts. But as creativity and innovations are boosting out every day from all over the world in this period of time, there are new kind of life-saving rolling road barriers to be seen. Want to know what they are and how are they useful for road safety? Here’s what you seek.

What are rolling road barriers?   

These are an amazing invention of South-Korean Company, they came up with an ingenious idea to take road safety to next level. They are the longitudinal-shaped barriers, their structure is fortified with incessant pipes that are roofed with urethane rings.

Solidity and strength

Such road safety bollards are strong and solid enough to even withstand the impacts of heavy vehicles like truck. But not only that! On the occasion of terrible accidents, rolling road barriers also save the vehicle from the serious damage and help it correct its direction. This furthermore saves lives inside vehicles and minimizes the effects of accident.

How do these life-saving rolling road barrier work?

The way rolling road barriers are brilliantly designed is everything. In occasion of crash, roller on the barrier absorbs crash first. Then, the second crash is absorbed by the front rail of the barrier, third crash is absorbed by the back rail and furthermore metal pipe is inserted in these rolling road barriers to toughen the support.

High-Level protection? How?

You just read how these road safety bollards are constructed. Even if the massive vehicle collides, they’ll be powerful enough to engulf its collusions. When the vehicle will be supported back to its direction, great safety will be provided to the life inside vehicle and the vehicle itself.

What’s best about rolling road barriers?

Aren’t you amazed by how new road rolling barriers work? They are best for number of reasons as:

  • They do not allow the rowdy car to disruptively run away into another lanes or out of the road.
  • They lessen the risk of passenger’s death and injury, and vehicle’s destruction.
  • Designed to guide the vehicle into right direction.
  • Thwart pedestrians to stroll across.


No doubt rolling road barriers are the coolest invention regarding to road safety measures. What do you think? With said-above varied pluses and reasons aren’t these rolling road barriers more preferable to install on roads?

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