QUIKOPK’s safety bollards helps in protecting the sensitve areas decreasing the errant vehicles impact. QUIKOPK provides the following types of road ballards and these are:

  • Bolt down Bollards.
  • Safety Bollards.
  • Fixed Bollards.
  • Embedded Bollards.
  • Security Bollards.

QUIKOPK’s automatic rising bollards are designed in a way to resist high impact. Automatic Barriers are suitable for:

  • Residential Use.
  • Intensive Use.

Also, our bollards helps in securing the restricted areas by fixing all over.

Moreover, the QUIKOPK’s newly designed bollards helps in:

  • Improves traffic management.
  • Drivers Road Safety.
  • Cyclists Road Safety.
  • Pedestrians Easiness.

Furthermore, the street bollards are removable also. This easy removable helps for easy installation.