Swing Opener

NEO – Swing Gate Opener

If you are looking for a swing gate automation system that is easy to install, is reliable and efficient then QUIKO is the right place to go as it provides you dependable and competent products and their installation is also quite relaxed. QUIKO provides several products and NEO swing gate system is one of them.

Target Audience

NEO swing gates are predominantly designed for residential purposes. These swing gates are designed for small gates whose leaves are up to 4m tall weighing 300kg which makes these gates ideal for residential use. They are quite popular these days as people now want comfort and productivity at the same time and NEO gates provide that consistently.

What makes NEO swing gates ideal for installation?

The installation of NEO swing gates is laid-back as the instructions are comprehensive and easy to understand. Thanks to the slim motor of these gates that you do not have to worry about having loads of space for the installation of the swing gate as it can be installed in a limited space of your home.

24V version of NEO swing gate can work up to 8 cycles in absence of electricity by its backup battery unit. The actuator is self-locking. In case of power shortage, it can be easily unlocked with the help of unlocking key that is provided in the kit by QUIKO.

Quality Standard

Worrying about durability is usually the most frustrating part of buying a swing gate system, QUIKO understands your concern and provides you with products whose quality is not compromised at all.

NEO swing gates are made up of a sturdy material that can last for years to come. These gates are designed in such a way that they are almost maintenance free.


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