Swing Gate Automation

No more enduring the inconvenience of having to open and close your gate manually.

Do you hate getting up from your comfortable couch to open the gate or hate getting wet in the rain while opening the gate? If yes then this technology is probably for you.

Automatic swing gate is a relatively new technology in Pakistan and is being widely used by the people as it is secure, easy to operate, adds elegance and value to your property.

Here is everything that you need to know about this technology:

Swing Gate Automation

Swing gates are the gates that open and close automatically and are operated by either an electronic, hydraulic or mechanical device. An operator acts as a transmitter; as you press a button on the operator, it will send an electric signal which is then received by the radio receiver in your gate that is tuned to the frequency which the transmitter is using. Automatic gates these days are mostly controlled by the smartphones.

Swing gate automation system is quick and easy to setup. These systems are cost efficient and require no modification to your existing gates. These systems are customisable to suit your specific needs while offering a great deal of security.

Swing Gate Automation Kit

Automated swing gate kit vary from one brand to another and is also unique for your gate according to its dimensions. Before purchasing a kit, you should know the size and weight of your gate as it should not exceed the maximum capacity of automatic gate driver. A standard automated swing gate kit includes two swing gate operators, a pair of safety photocells; which could be helpful in times of a power breakdown, an antenna, a control panel and receiver, two remote controls, an installation menu and a DVD on how to install the kit.

When installing automatic swing gate, you will require a power source, a screwdriver, and a power drill, a level, a ranch, tape measure and C-clamps along with the purchased kit.

Automatic Swing Gate Motor

Motor is the backbone of any automatic gate. Two distinct types of motors are used in swing gates known as hydraulic or electromechanical. The motor is the device which enables the swing gate to open and close on its own instead of having to push it manually.  There are many companies that manufacture different kinds of automatic swing gate motors. It is crucial to use a suitable motor for your gate otherwise it would not be able to last long and would be unreliable.

If you have a small space behind the door when it is opened and you are living in a windy environment then Linear Motors could be your best choice whereas if there is a wide space behind the gate and your area is dusty then articulated arm motors would work best.

Most motors are powered by electricity so they need to be connected to the power source and they get power from photocells in case of power shortage.

Swing Gate Automation System in Karachi

Automatic swing gates are now being used in Pakistan and are sold by many popular websites like OLX, bolee, Powergates, Quicko and many more. Automatic swing gate makes people feel secure, they are super easy to operate and they also make your property look exclusive. Added security and convenience is the reason that these automatic gates are selling like hot cakes in Karachi, where security has been a concern for the past few years and anything that provides people with security while being cheap and easy to use is a relief.

Final Thoughts

With raising security concerns each day, there is a need for automation that is cost-efficient and provide desired security measures and hence automatic swing gate is a viable option which is functional too.  These factors could easily explain the reason for market growth of automatic swing gates.

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