Variety of Automatic Doors : Garage Doors, Overhead Doors & Gates

You have taken steps to make exclusive style of your building, but what about its doors? This fact is known that door provides aesthetic view of the building. In a world full of options, substantial range of automatic doors is available which is designed to provide convenience, accessibility, style, hygiene and safety for any kind of buildings’ entrance. Customer do not have to sacrifice form for function while buying automatic door. It’s easy to find automatic door that is compatible with customer’s exclusive business style. Automatic doors are available in variety of designs, colors and finishes, with that customers are not limited and have more choices while buying automatic doors.

Are you thinking about getting one of these?
Choosing the right door can add dramatic effect on the aesthetic of your building. Opt for one that doesn’t just look great but is practical too. It is important that you choose door which suits your building style.


Sectional overhead door (Roller Shutter Garage Doors)

If you are looking for an automatic door that guarantees top reliability, security and long lasting functionality, you may want to pick automatic roller shutter garage doors. They comprise of many horizontal slats, bars or sometimes web systems which are hinged together. Keep it in mind that large doors of this type if not automatized and motorized are heavy duty for a person. Thanks to OPERA Roller Shutter Motors by QUIKO for roller shutters for this purpose.

They are strongly recommended for the areas which are more often exposed to floods and other environmental disasters, also they are certified for fire protection. They minimized the damage that is caused by such catastrophes.


Automatic Tilt Garage door

If your garage is not spacious enough to have roller shutter or sectional overhead garage door, you can choose tilt garage door. They are the best solution for the garages that are limited in term of space.
Automatic tilt garage doors are commonly used for the elements such as, security, appearance, ventilation and durability. Without compromising on style they can be of both practical and functional use.


Automatic Sliding Door

It is the most common type of automatic door that is used commercially. It slides horizontally back and forth and uses rollers in the bottom of the gate to help it slide. Monitoring of this type of door is relatively the simplest. It is aesthetically clean, good for two way traffic and provides the easiest and secure mechanism of opening and closing, as it does not require to be lifted out of its hinges. It has commonly radar and infrared safety sensors, it reopens if it finds any obstacle or resistance. Main purpose of installing this door is not letting user to be in contact with it.


Automatic Swing Gates

Places like airports, industrial warehouses and military facilities need gates that can be open and close simply, safely and quickly. Because of need and technological advantages swing gate adoption is the becoming popular among such shared facilities. They use electronic mechanical and hydraulic devices like SPIDER Articulated and Hydraulic swing gate openers by QUIKO. Nowadays smart and intelligent swing gates are available, that can easily detect obstacle and resistance and do not harm the passenger. Swing gates are the best choice because of their multiple uses.


 Automatic Bi-Fold Gates

Automatic bi-fold gates are appropriate for the places where security and space is an issue. They consist of 2-4 gate panels hinged together, when opened, these panels fold back on each other, allowing the access into the building. They use less space than swing gates, are fast acting and are excellent barrier where space is congested. They are suitable choice because of many scenarios, like the availability of egress in case of emergency, impressive functionality and security and adding value to the property with their slim and good looks.


Automatic Barrier Arm Gate

Automatic barrier arm gate comprises of a vertical arm that is rotated upward and inward for opening and closing. It is used for the access and blockage of traffic not pedestrians. A person can easily climb over or pass through the barrier arm gate. It is used for the maintenance, controlling and security of the traffic. Smart and updated version of barrier arm gates like ICARUS series parking barriers of QUIKO can even work in case of electrical blackouts.

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