Witness Safety – Automatic and Manual Door comparison


It has been struggled in business for a long time to satisfy and ease both mental and physical labor of customers. When it comes to doors and gates, now we have options, either install a manual one or an automatic one. The problem arises which one is more convenient, effort and time saving? Its solution came in the form of automation systems produced by different companies. For that teams are devoted to develop with most innovative ideas the reliable and simple automation systems for gates and doors which are designed for variety of uses.

Why choose automatic door over manual door?

Through doorway of the building the entrance can be accessed or blocked off, the issue is how to make this mechanism better, secure and quintessential. It is more convenient and secure to use automated doors rather than using manual doors. Why? Because there are the numerous reasons to choose automated doors over manual doors.

Convenience in using automated doors

it is advantageous and convenient to use automated doors as effortlessly a person can control the opening and closing of the doors. Especially, thanks to automated gate lifters of Quiko which made it easier to even lift massive gates of tons of weight with simple practical gestures. That saves times and eases physical labor.
In case of manual doors these facilities cannot be enjoyed as they are time consuming and need physical labor. Also they are comparatively less secure than automatic doors.

Are automated doors usable in cases of emergency?

In cases of emergency like electricity black outs why is it still wise to choose automated doors? Well, in this case, various products are designed such that their mechanism permits user to manually handle the situation. QUIKO ERCOLE series sliding gate opener and ICARUS series parking barriers of QUIKO are the best examples of automatic gate opener products.

Which is safer to use automatic door or manual door?

Automatic gate opening system promises safety and security in many scenarios. The bestselling point of automatic doors is remote control, which does not require person to get to that specific door or gate. In case of emergency for example in the event of fire, a person may want to escape quickly, automatic doors will make it easy to escape whereas manual doors will require physical effort as well as consume more time at that life threatening hour.

In most of the buildings surveillance cameras are installed with the help of these and automated doors the block or access of the entrances can be made more secure and safe.

Why opt for automatic door if its maintenance takes more time?

Automatic door opener kit gives a little more time in maintenance than manual doors. But today’s technology user friendly and sophisticated automatic doors are not much of a burden, as they come with minimal maintenance requirements and they are as a whole well-built. When an automatic door is installed and maintained accurately its mechanisms remain trouble free and straightforward.

Aesthetics: Automatic vs Manual doors
subtle architectures and builders insist that automatic doors do not have to look different than manual doors and the systems should be kept hidden, products like QUIKO underground swing gate openers are the fine solution for that. It sets safer standard this way.
Remember that if any company markets their automatic doors with shiny metallic modern looks, do not get shoehorned into it. Many companies feel gratified that their automated doors and gates look just like manual ones. Automatic doors do not have to give modern looks with their gleaming shiny metal.

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